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International standard Clean Room

The manufacturing product’s hygiene is our topmost priority so we adhere to all safety precautions very strictly. Frequent tests are carried out for microorganisms and air particles count to attain prescribed international standards. Stringent clean room procedures are performed by our personnel for effectiveness.

Manufacturing Process and Warehouse

The clean warehouses use latest material management techniques for the creation and storage of disposable products. The raw materials are first diagnosed and inspected for their quality check before their acceptance. The finished products are stored in a climatically controlled warehouse with round the clock humidity/temperature check. A centralized material handling system transfers the raw materials from stores to Clean Room and then to Sterilization room where the next process happens. This process prevents microorganisms and air particles count to attain prescribed international standards in Hospital disposable products.

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Manual Inspection

The assembled disposable products are then subjected to 100% quality inspection by our trained and well-qualified inspection team. After that, a proper function check of sterilized products is performed to ensure product’s accuracy and superiority.

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The disposables are stored in units, packed together in boxes which are then sterilized. Every sterilization process is monitored with reference to chemical indicators and biological testing procedures. All the sterilized packs are kept under quarantine till it passes approved lab tests. After successful sterilization, the products are moved to finished goods warehouse for distribution purpose.

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Quality Team

Our quality controllers survey and put out their best to assure goods of high-quality. With the usage of best quality enhancement systems and ISO and CE standards at every stage, we provide excellent goods available for every customer to use. We ensure production of hospital disposables of very high grade. Our booming and rapidly increasing sales through repetitive orders speaks of our caliber.

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